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Who We Are

Tina.jpgTina Page - Operations Manager

A native of Virginia, in 2013 Tina returned to her home state after spending the last 5 years in Hawaii where she became an expert in whale riding, unicycling, and sea turtle breeding. None of these skills she has used since arriving at Stay. Instead, she has used her knowledge in running boutique hotels and properties here at Stay where she oversees the day to day operations to ensure that our properties and service always exceed guests' expectations.   

annie.jpgAnnie Brulatour - Reservations/Events

Growing up in Memphis, TN, Annie brings a strong accented "y'all" to the Stay Charlottesville team. A graduate of the University of Tennessee, Annie double majored in Art History and Southern Charm. At Stay, we use her southern charm for our guests and her Art History degree to validate the authenticity of the various Monet's, Picasso's, and the finger paintings of Jefferson found in our properties. When talking with her, challenge her to let you know which restaurant has the greatest sweet tea or where to find the best barbecue.


Andrea Hubbell - Architectural Photographer

A Charlottesville-based commercial photographer specializing in architectural, lifestyle, + culinary imagery. She started Andrea Hubbell Photography in 2010 and is the creator of Bella Eats, a food and recipe website started in 2008. Her education and experience in architectural design gives her an understanding of human interaction with space and an appreciation for composition and detail. Her goal is always to create an evocative representation of the places she photographs and to give the viewer the feeling that they are present in the scene. When not behind a camera, Andrea is busy cooking with her hubby,  hiking with her dogs, and designing her parents a house in Florida.


Mallory Joyce - Event Sales Manager

A lover of impeccably styled events, Mallory is the Event Manager and Resident Stylist for Old Metropolitan Hall, Stay Charlottesville's premiere gathering space on the historic Downtown Mall. Growing up outside Chicago and in Virginia Beach, she later graduated from the University of Virginia with degrees in English Literature and Economics (an affection for books stuck; for excel spreadsheets, not so much). After spending some time curating art for a boutique gallery, writing for UVA's business school, and blogging, she quickly transitioned to coordinating and designing events. Whether she's styling an elegant wedding reception or executing a creative arts gala, Mallory's attention to detail and aesthetic acumen make her invaluable to Old Met..


Bill Chapman - CoFounder

A Charlottesville native who worked in the media business for 20 years after co-founding the local free weekly paper C-VILLE Weekly. In his spare time he pursues adaptive reuse projects in the local real estate arena. One day he will open his 27-room boutique inn in an old boarding house at UVA. In the meantime, he sails, cooks, and drives old cars to his kids' lacrosse games.


Travis Wilburn - CoFounder - Managing Partner

A Virginia native, moved to Charlottesville in 2000 where he found a perfect marriage for his passion for buildings, music, and art. He began his real estate career in 2005 and in 2008 engaged in business development for a publishing group. An architect-at-heart without the ability to draw, he found himself drawn to the historic homes in Charlottesville and the Blue Ridge with no way to work with them. Solution: Stay Charlottesville. Travis brings his enthusiasm and passion to both the homes and C’Ville to work every day. True to his fun competitive nature, he will one day open a 28-room boutique inn, right next to Bill’s.